What We Do.


How We Work.


“We work with you to navigate confusing terrain and develop and implement a plan specifically designed to achieve the best possible outcome.”


Many real estate loans previously originated under a vastly different economic climate no longer work in today’s changed environment. Amerevision specializes in finding innovative, bespoke solutions to these challenges.

Whatever your goal is to keep your property whether by restructuring or reducing existing debt obligation or relinquishing the property in a manner that protects your financial vitality, we work with you to navigate confusing terrain and develop and implement a plan specifically designed to achieve the best possible outcome.

Vastly superior to settling for an agreement that a lender may deign to offer – or worse, losing your property through inaction and foreclosure.


“Because each situation is different, we start by getting a thorough understanding of our client’s goals and priorities.”


Our Process.



The financial interests of the borrower is our foremost concern, underscoring every step of our process. We analyze all of the financial factors surrounding the foreclosure, calculate the debt-to-equity ratio, measure the financial risks, and present realistic options to our clients.


Real Estate.

Owning a home is more than a series of business transactions; it’s a foundational part of person’s identity and a source of immense pride. We understand this intuitively, and we mold our strategies to match the goal of the homeowner--both financial and emotional. We take into account the sensitivity of the foreclosure process and its impact on family and personal or professional relationships.


We work tirelessly with our clients to build out a sound legal defense—providing foreclosure attorneys with research, funding and other resources available at our disposal. We ensure that the attorneys we work with understand and respect the nuances of the legal process, are we are efficient with their time. Additionally, we are experienced in different jurisdictions throughout the Tri-State area with a variety of judges.


“Regardless of how you get there, the same laws and legal defenses to foreclosure apply in NY State.”


How We Help.


So much can be read about the financial issues that arise during the foreclosure process, but less can be found regarding the personal & professional hardships that people in foreclosure struggle with. Fear, uncertainty, sense of failure, shame, feeling overwhelmed—these are all common, and completely understandable emotions that people feel when facing foreclosure. At Amerivision, we are personally invested in the well-being and comfort of our partners.

Foreclosure can happen for a lot of reasons, job loss or other change in income, health issues, changes in the market, and so on. We have found that many good, honest people who always pay their bills made decisions based on what they thought was going to happen in the future that didn’t quite pan out the way they thought. This was especially true leading up to the 2008 mortgage crisis - but, unfortunately, still continues today.

NY state is a judicial foreclosure state. There are many ways to challenge a foreclosure. Some are obvious. Some, perhaps most, are based on thorough and nuanced knowledge of applicable law.

This is where come in.