Who We Are


We are a group of multi-disciplined professionals providing bespoke foreclosure strategies.


Hezi Torati



Calling upon his adaptability and experience from years in the industry, Hezi turned his focus to helping homeowners & investors mitigate losses due to foreclosure.


When Hezi Torati arrived in the United States from his native Israel in 2004, he noticed something alarming about the American real estate market. At the time, Hezi was known in Israel for his real estate development projects and a group financing structure that he had pioneered, but the landscape was clearly different in the U.S. Property values were inflated, often drastically so. Calling upon his adaptability and the experience he had gained from years in the industry, Hezi shifted gears, turning his attention to loss mitigation for real estate debt. This decision proved to be a prescient one. The market collapsed only a few years later, and Hezi was ready to help guide clients through a difficult and worrying time.

Soon, Hezi’s companies were successfully serving several hundred clients. The loss mitigation business led to the development of Amerevision Capital, which invest strategically in mortgage-related disputes and The AAD Group, which invests in packages of both performing and non-performing notes.




Amerevision specializes in finding solutions to the challenges faced by owners of distressed properties.

We bring together legal, financial and real estate experience and expertise to develop innovative strategies for all types foreclosure cases, with special emphasis on complex situations including clouded or conflicted title claims, multiple properties, foreclosures as part of estate or divorce settlements, and commercial and investment properties. We are diligent and determined to provide successful alternatives to foreclosure, and we emply smart, aggressive use of every legal defense available in order to generate leverage with your bank to best represent you and enforce your rights.